To create opportunities for those who have special learning needs to experience entrepreneurship and learn to be independent.

A Successful Entrepreneur, Ms Elaine

We provide and create platforms for opportunities in hope to enlighten the entrepreneurship spirit hidden deep within the children and changing their challenges into conquerable task.

Parents Involvement
Booths are set up and are managed by parents and children side-by-side. We wish with this collaboration, parents may build a stronger bond with their children and therefore establish a better relationship. The parents' encouragements are also important factors for building the child' s confidence and independence. It is therefore greatly encouraged by teachers and facilitators.

With the parent's demonstration, the children will experience the way a sole proprietorship is managed through the administration of the booth. Responsibility, management skills along with communication skills and the understanding of money and value will be comprehended through the experience. They learn to count money and valuate their products they own. Learn to handle situations promptly while under immense pressure.

The spirit hidden and underestimated may be enlightened and revealed, manifesting their true potential and exuberance they contain through this opportunity. Their enthusiasm never seem to fail and it radiates through their simple acts of serving. These are indications that may encourage not only the children but parents that surviving in the society regardless of their academic achievements is possible. With proof that stereotypical perspective can be defied.