1st PACE Carnival 2019

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PACE office
71-2, 2nd Floor, Block D Platinum Walk, Jalan Langkawi, Taman Danau Kota 53300 Setapak Kuala Lumpur
Little Sun Kiddyland Care Centre
No 17-G Jalan Seksyen 3/6, Taman Kajang Utama, 43000 Kajang
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Buy your tickets at the Carnival. Lookout for the Coupon Booth at the entrance. However there is a surcharge of RM2 for each transaction for manpower allocation.  

For Enquiries

Eveline : 017-673 1998
Mr Yap : 016-294 8500

The Objectives

Here are the reasons why we are doing it:

A Brief History

From Cafe to Carnival

Welcome to our 1st Carnival

The natural evolution of BESTCafe: For the past few years, Breakthru Enrichment Station has been running BESTCafe as a platform give special needs children and young teens to be exposed to entrepreneurship.

The Parents And Community Empowerment Association (PACE) is taking the lead in collaboration with Breakthru Enrichment Station & Little Sun Kiddyland Care Centre, Kajang this year to create moments of laughter, fun, learning and contribution.

Instead of a Cafe format, we’re taking it to the next level by making it a bigger scale carnival event.

Here Is How You Can Support Us

We will be grateful of your kind sponsor or active participation on the event day to accomplish our Carnival objectives.

For more information regarding this event to get involved, or sponsorship, kindly contact either one of the following phone numbers:
i)) Eveline at 017 673 1998
ii) Li Li at 016 271 5435

Breakthru Enrichment Station:
WhatsApp No.:+6 012- 2858 957
Website: http://breakthru.com.my/
Address: 70-2, Platinum Walk, Taman Danau Kota, Setapak, 53300, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

All are welcome to have a Fruitful, Fantastic and Fun Time with us. We thank you in advance for your support in making this event a success.

We Call For Your Support

4 Ways You Can Contribute!

Corporate or
Personal Sponsorship

Sponsor Us Financially

You may choose to do direct financial support without visiting our Carnival.

You can also decide to give away the coupons or not to collect them.

Sponsorship Form

Visit Our Carnival

Buy the Coupons online.

Pre-Purchase your coupons online.

You will receive your REDEMPTION TICKET via email.

Present your TICKET on the day of Carnival and claim your coupons on the spot! Easy.

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Be A Volunteer

We Welcome Volunteers.

You can assist in booth management, hosting games and even be a clown or an entertainer! Either way we are grateful.

Call us and we will arrange for your participation.

Ms Phoebe
012-329 2681

Sell At Carnival

Setup A Selling Booth

Add variety and fun to our carnival and share our excitement!

Please call us and we will explain the full process to you.

Ms Eveline
017-673 1998

What We Going to Have

Luck Dip Items! (more to come)

Rabbit Glass Cup
Ceramic Cup
Cat Happy Time Plastic Bottle
Crysta Cup
Natural Salt For Cooking
Small Blue Pouch
Elba Oven Toaster
Sharp R213CST Microwave Oven
Juice Extractor
Hanabishi Blender
HF -668C Neck Massager
Hafsun Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset
Kelogg's Floot Loops
Joven Towel
Midea - Back Pack
York Glass Canister
Koblenz Vacuum Flask (2 pcs per set)
Johnson Controls Ceramic Coating Pot
Kinetic Watch

Kinetic Automatic Watch

Microwave Oven

Baby Bottles & Cups

Electronic Neck Massager


Juice Extractor

Food Mixer

Practice Selling

We Had Our Rehearsals Last Week!

Food Stalls

There will be many different food selling from cookies to pies.

Games Stalls

New games that guarantees you and your child will have a good time playing

Public Talks

Free talk on how to identify your child's challenges and what can you do to bridge the gap.

Bags On Sales

Latest design of children bags and office bags on sales!

Best Decorated Stall

Visitors votes for the best decorated stalls

Best Family Entrepreneurship

Choose your best stall that shows great child participation and interaction with parents.


PACE ASSOCIATION (Parents And Community Empowerment Association PPM 004-14-18052018) is a non profit organisation .

We P rovide support, A ssist, C reate public awareness and E quip parents and families especially with Special Needs children/teenagers/ young adults and communities with experience, knowledge and techniques to support their children's natural developmental stages and milestones for preventive and remedial measures.

PACE Association Missions

Training & Equipping

Equip parents, and community with knowledge, skills and techniques to support their child’s natural development and milestones for preventive and remedial measures

Awareness & Fund Raising

Create public awareness and opportunity for children to serve the community and fund raising in partnership with Breakthru Enrichment Station

Networking & Sharing

Provide platform for family networking, family support system, study group and exchange of expertise through practical coaching and hands-on modelling.

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